My Rebel

I designed this guitar with Prestige Guitars. Contact to enquire about getting one of your own!

Kemper Profiler Amp
Kemper Profiling Amps

This is what I use live and in the studio. The Kemper Profiling Amp lets you realistically profile your own amps. Leave your cool amps at home. It's every amp in one box.

Line 6
Line 6

I'm currently using the Helix Floorboard and rack units. It's the most robust effects unit and midi controller out there. I also use the JT59 Vari-Ax guitar.

McDSP Plugins

My most used DAW plugins. If you can only buy one bundle, get the Everything Bundle.

Prestige Guitars

This company made my "Cory Churko Rebel Signature Guitar" Their guitars are amazing. Check em out!

Future Sonics
Future Sonics

Future Sonics In Ear Monitors are my favorite. I've used em since the beginning. Great company and excellent sound!

D'Addario Strings

I've tried em all and these are simpy the best strings on guitar and fiddle.